Wednesday, October 14, 2009

IV Staff, New Blog, and Fund Development

For many this will be an interesting note. I have not blogged since the summer, but as you know I have recently joined the IV staff team in the Tampa Bay area. It is exciting and new and I am nervous as all get up. Yet I believe that God is working and that He is using me in some capacity to advance His kingdom.

Because of the changes you see in my life you might notice a new blog under my profile titled "about IV"

this new blog is specifically intended to help organize and inform a person new to the idea of IV to be able to make a good faith decision on whether or not to support this ministry. I hope to get the blog launched soon and organized. I hope to also use pictures and other goodies to help make it look nice.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, April 9, 2009


WOO HOO!  I finally submitted my application for InterVarsity Staff.  :)  
Now stacy gets to read that beast.   And then, if she wants to, she sets up the interviews!!  and then, when I graduate, I send her my transcripts!  Woot Woot Woot!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Update! An Update!

Hullo! Blog Readers! Yes, after a long silence, and UPDATE!!

Thesis and Graduation:

I recently had my meeting with Dr. Silverman concerning my thesis and my graduation.  He is going to pass me, maybe not with honors, but he is going to pass me. :)  I cannot fathom communicating the inexplicale joy this brings my heart.  Now, I must continue to work diligently to show him that I am attempting to get the best grade possible on this dratted rag of an essay.  Continue to pray that I might stay focused during this final leg of my academic  race.  :)

Summer Living at the Pink House/ Men's year long community:

SLatPH is green lighted!  Gus, Sam, Nate Cook, Steven Goodman, Matt Morrison, and maybe Clayton and/or Gabe will be joining me for living in Community over the  summer!  This is very exciting for several reasons:  1) my bills are decreased due to lower rent and utilities, 2) my situation over the summer is in good shape,  3) God is bringing a group of guys together who really want to focus on him and serve him.  

As far as the year long Community thing goes, I still have to work a few things out to make sure all the edges are smooth.  Oh, and there is one itty bitty little bump to worry about still:  2 of the people have dogs.  this makes me nervous.

Application for Campus Staff Member/IVCF:

My application is complete but not yet submitted.  I need to double check all my answers and fit my talk outline into the parameters of the application.  Then I need to fill out one last form.  Next thing you know, badda bing, badda boom! on to the interviews!  

Chapter Camp and Mexico City '09:

God provided a very nice and surprising tax return to me a couple weeks ago.  This has completely eliminated my anxiety about not working during chapter camp and during Mexico.  I will be able to attend both!  Woo HOO!!  That was seriously an answer to prayer.  My application and my deposit are in to the IV home office.  I will be recieving word from stacy soon to be *certain* I will be going on this trip.    As soon as I get the word, I send out prayer/support emails and letters to everyone and their mothers.  exciting isn't it?

So, thats my update.  :)  please continue to pray that I can keep organized and empassioned to do all  the things I need to do.  I'll try and keep this blog updated more concering all things Mexico/Chapter Camp/IVCF staff/graduation.  

be blessed,


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Requiem For a Dream

I just had the non-pleasure of watching this very good movie.  If you've never seen it, I would recommend it with a caution.  It is not for children or anyone who is not mature enough to respect the dignity of life.  The characters lose enough of their humanity in the film without outsiders looking to take advantage of them any further.

With that said,  this movie is a dark truth that haunts my neighborhood.  I live in the inner city in a community of Jesus Followers called the Underground.

Learn more about the underground here:

I am constantly trying to expand my vision so that I can see people for who they really are and also I desire to attain an insight that can truly see the pain that someone is going through.   This movie has helped me tremendously in so many areas.   It has enabled me to love people more.

prostitutes.  crack addicts, the elderly, those affected by racism and hatred, and the sexually exploited.     These are all people that I run into every day of my life.  I don't know the facts and figures about their lives, but I know this:  God loves them.  God loves them so much.   I just want to DO SOMETHING after watching this film.   I want to bring the healing power of the kingdom of God into these peoples lives!  My heart is torn and I am broken.  

Lord Jesus,  watch over the prostitutes tonight.  May they feel some indescribable love enter into their minds and hearts.  May they know for just an instant that there is  hope somewhere.  Also Lord, for the young girls addicted to crystal meth, crack, and heroin,  may they find a cure for their addiction before it drives them to the streets.  Before it debases their humanity and their bodies are defiled by men.  Protect these young women.  Protect them Lord.  

Lord Jesus,  I pray for the drug dealers and the pimps.  May they be like Zacheaus the tax collecter.  May they understand your love and offer of forgiveness and may they repent!  They are so guilty of their sins.  They need a saviour.  We all need a saviour Lord.

Lord Jesus,  I pray for the elderly who are alone and suffering.  May they know the God who is with them this instant.  For we are never truly alone.  Please send them love. 

Lord Jesus,  show me how to be the answer to these prayers.  Teach me to be your hands and feet in this city.   Teach me how to give my whole life for those who suffer. Teach me more of your heart Jesus.   I need more of your heart,

Lord Jesus,  I pray for the churches.  May they learn to love the least of these.  May they understand your heart for the poor.  

And lastly, I pray for the Underground.  Thank you for giving me this community.  Thank you for revealing your heart to us.  Thank you for what you've done with us and for us.   Thank you for the new building. Thank you for everything Jesus.  I pray that you will lead Brian, and that he will follow you with everything in his heart.  


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Good luck Mr. President.  May the Lord of Hosts guide you in wisdom, and the Truth of his Son transform your heart.  Hope is found in Christ, not a nation.  Freedom is found in Christ, not a nation.  You are gifted in eloquence, but my heart is troubled.  I will pray for you that you will lead this nation out of respect and fear of God, that you will honor the image of God that is on every human being, that you will not leave this house in worse repute than when you arrived.  

And I pray for you  my Country.  My people.   You are so rich.  You are free.  You are powerful.  Yet you do as you please, and you give no consideration to the sufferings of others.  May you become more generous and less stingy.  Remember the poor and do not use what God has given you only unto yourself, lest you face His righteous judgment.

Last, for you Church I pray.  May you be strong and courageous, never ceasing in spreading the holistic gospel of Christ. May you be healed from the bad dogmas and poor theologies that drag you away from the truth.  May you partake in the work of God and the restoring of people unto himself.   May you lead the way in compassion, suffer boldy in the truth, and live lives worthy of the calling Christ has placed on you.  Open up your doors, and let the wealth be the Lords.  Share, and help others.  Love your enemies.   

On a side note.  I am nervous to see which direction the new President takes us.  

May the Lord be with him always

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If any of you follow the nice little blog called Robin-Loves,  you might notice a blog about the office..  In it she says she is smitten with the character Jim.   

I think I need to appear as a cameo and have a duel with Jim over Robin's heart.  Does anyone know that number for NBC?   

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sacrifice, &

These are 4 major aspects of Jesus'  character that I feel like I need to model more.  The mantel of leadership is being plced over my life whether I want it or not, and people are really starting to look up to me for guidance and wisdom.  It's making me feel really uneasy because I don't feel like I have all my ducks in the right order yet.  I know my sin and it makes me ashamed to lead others.  I know that God has grace over me, but the whole "higher calling" aspect of it all makes my skin crawl.    

Its funny how different things in life kind of overlap.  For example, at Cracker Barrel we have a new "motto" so to speak.  It is called the "One best way" (OBW)  This OBW is replacing Cracker Barrel's "Best Practices" as a new model for how stores should run and everyone works together as a team.  This OBW is defined by a list of job functions called "absolutes."  I laugh every time my general manager starts talking about the OBW and the absolutes because he always asks this question,  "What does absolute mean?  It means  non-negotiable, it must happen every time."  He says it with this heavy greek accent that just cracks me up.  

You are probably wondering why I'm talking about the C.B. all of the sudden, which brings me back to "Its funny how..."   You see, I was just thinking about my 4 areas of Christ-like character and I think I heard God talking to me in my Manager's voice,  "These ar non-negotiable, they must happen!" I'm telling you I heard it in my mind-- Greek accent and all.  Was it really God's voice?- probably not,  But I am convinced that God reminded me of the CB for a purpose.  He really wants me to nail these absolutes down,   every day, every time.     

Prayer, Obedience, Sacrifice,  & Purity-- my character/ministry non-negotiables.  

Thank you Father for giving me direction and the grace you give through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus.  Thank you Jesus for the forgiveness and second chances your death,, burial, and resurrection has offered me in life.  Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me and helping my character become more like Christ's.

I just have one question though,   why did you have to use Cracker Barrel?  I'm going to hear a greek accent every time I think about this now....  :(